About Us


A sausage with lots of caraway and coriander.

Made from scratch stocks and sauces to fresh baked bread made with lovingly nurtured starters, Peasant Cookery is all about cooking that connects people with the food they eat.



Back in March of 2007 in the heart of the Exchange, WOW Hospitality was extremely pleased to open it’s first French concept called Oui Bistro + Wine Bar. Featuring an elegant dining room filled with white table linens and first-rate service, the positive reviews poured in. While the accolades continued for three more years, the idea of creating a more casual dining experience came up and soon after, the highly-regarded restaurant was rebranded as Peasant Cookery.



While the top-notch service remains, the menu was redesigned to feature classic French comfort dishes with the chef’s signature twist. Now diners can savour arguably the best charcuterie platter in the province, slip a spoon into an out of this world onion soup or dig into a big bowl of Chorizo & Mussel Spaghettini with fennel and peppers.

Our Team


Dylan KeatsGeneral Manager

Dylan comes to us from The Keg, and has a degree in Hospitality. He’s also in the process of becoming a certified sommelier. Dylan has experience working for the Drake Group in Toronto as well, and has about 10 years of experience within the WOW Hospitality family. 


Tristan FoucaultChef/Partner

For some people, cooking is just a job they do during the day — not for Peasant Cookery chef Tristan Foucault. He loves his job so much, he became part owner.

“It’s a concept that I love, as we serve food you’d find your grandma lovingly making in her kitchen. At Peasant, we take no shortcuts; we make everything from scratch. We dry cure our own meats, pickle as much as we can and bake our own breads.”

Even though Foucault was classically trained in French cooking at Vancouver’s Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Canada, his approach to cooking isn’t solely French.